“Celtic Jazz with a groove” – Manu Katché


Gildas Boclé on double bass and Jean-Baptiste Boclé on vibes & Hammond organ are accomplished musicians who have accompanied top jazz stars, from Gary Burton to Manu Katché and even Popular groups like the Gipsy Kings. Through their group Boclé Bros. Keltic Project, they offer a unique musical blend inaugurated at the Douarnenez festival, combining the sound of the uilleann pipes with very modern accents of contemporary music.
Their fourth album “Rock The Boat” is a lively opus with a dynamic sound, perfectly crafted, sometimes pop, often Rock and deliciously jazz, Jean-Baptiste and Gildas Boclé share the compositions where their very original melodic sensitivity can flourish.
Moving away from predictable labels (is it Jazz, World music, rock?…) the music takes the listener on a special journey where the haunting ancient sounds of the Uilleann Pipes, the bowed double bass, the liquid colours of the vibes and the Hammond organ grooves create its own special universe.

JEAN-BAPTISTE BOCLÉ /// vibes, organ & electronics
GILDAS BOCLÉ /// double bass
LOIC BLÉJEAN /// uilleann pipes

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Loïc Bléjean with BOCLE BROTHERS /// Rock the Boat (2015) – Full album available here:
Gildas Boclé: bass, arco bass / Jean-Baptiste Boclé: vibes, Hammond organ, Mallet Kat / Simon Bernier: drums / Loïc Bléjean: uilleann pipes


‟Itʼs a fresh and new concept” Michael Brecker

“Great music, great sound” Paolo Fresu

“As far as I’m concerned, the coolest thing at the last William Kennedy Pipping festival in
Armagh, Ireland” Alessandro Nobis (Il Diapason Blog & Radio Popolare Verona)

‟I love the combination of celtic and jazz. They are so compatible, both in the sounds of the instruments, and the kinds of rhythmic and melodic characteristics” Gary Burton

“Celtic Jazz with a groove” Manu Katché (One Shot Not – Arte)

‟Disturbing. Jazz. uilleann pipes. B-3. Think about it” World Groove Radio

What makes Keltic Tales unique is their implementation of the Uilleann pipes in a jazz
Combo” Dave Sleger (AMG EXPERT)

“The French bassist Gildas Boclé is a sensitive and melodic soloist” John S. Wilson (The
New York Times)